• Infrastructure-free indoor mapping, localization

    and navigation through crowdsourcing

    Precise Robust Scalable

After years of research at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), NavIndo’s Technology enables high-speed crowdsourced indoor mapping and infrastructure-free and precise indoor localization for smartphones using state-of-the-art SLAM algorithms.

With continuously improving indoor maps enabled by crowdsourced smartphone-sensor data, we offer a robust and scalable solution for any large and complex building.

No investment in time-consuming mapping service and expensive localization infrastructure

Without the need to purchase, install and maintain expensive localization infrastructure, a precise indoor navigation and localization of smartphones - just within few meters - is made possible.

Our smartphone-only, high-speed mapping technology enables the dynamic generation of indoor maps that continuously improve over time. No manual and time-consuming mapping services are needed anymore.

Alongside a great customer experience, valuable data is gathered and location-based use cases are easily unlocked

In offering in-app indoor localization and navigation for visitors, a great customer experience is made possible. Additionally, valuable data about locations and movement patterns of visitors is gathered. With this valuable data, the building and shop infrastructure can be enhanced. Additionally, live location data of visitors unlock further location-based services like targeted in-app advertisement based on the location context.